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Must-Have Tech Tools for Short-Term Rental Hosts in 2023

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Ramon L.
Ramon L.

Operating a successful and scalable short-term rental business requires utilizing the right technology tools. The ideal tech stack enables hosts to streamline operations, maximize occupancy and revenue, and deliver exceptional guest experiences. Here are the top solutions every host should have in their toolkit.

Streamline Operations from Anywhere

Centralized platforms allow hosts to automate and remotely manage day-to-day rental tasks no matter where they are. All-in-one solutions like Hospitable offer listing sites, booking engines, and guide creation for complete control over the guest journey.

For back-end workflow, Breezeway coordinates cleaning, maintenance, inspections and more via shared task lists accessible on mobile. NoiseAware monitors sound 24/7 to prevent neighborhood disturbances and noise violations that could lead to citations.

Having branded splash pages from StayFi captures guest emails upon WiFi login, fueling your direct marketing campaigns. CanMonkey eliminates trash headaches through on-demand removal scheduling.

Dynamic Pricing for Revenue Maximization

Dynamic pricing is crucial for aligning rates to demand and securing bookings at the highest prices the market will bear. PriceLabs uses AI and algorithms to automatically adjust prices based on seasons, events, competitor rates and other factors.

Wheelhouse is another trusted automated pricing partner. Both integrate seamlessly with major booking channels. Savvy hosts also establish pricing ranges by day of week and season using market benchmark data. Read more on dynamic pricing here.

Maximize Direct Bookings and Marketing

Direct bookings let hosts avoid platform fees and create lasting guest relationships. Hospitable's website builder and Booking engine facilitate this, as does the email capture of StayFi splash pages.

For promotional marketing, HostGPO provides exclusive discounts on supplies and amenities to feature in campaigns and email blasts. Minoan offers design resources and discounted products to make listings stand out.

Evaluating Investments with Data-Driven Insights

For hosts looking to expand into new markets or add properties, leveraging accurate market data is crucial for identifying profitable investments. STR Profit Map evaluates hyperlocal rental market conditions to recommend listings that will generate strong returns.

The ideal short-term rental tech stack enhances visibility, maximizes revenue, and creates operational efficiency. Slowly incorporate must-have solutions to transform and scale your business.

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