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Hiring good cleaners for your short term rentals

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Saadia K.
Saadia K.

Hiring Cleaners for Your Short Term Rental

Operating a successful short term rental requires keeping your property clean and well-maintained for each new guest. But cleaning a vacation rental property yourself every few days can be extremely time consuming. That's why hiring a professional cleaning service is essential. Here is a step-by-step guide to finding, interviewing and hiring cleaners for your short term rental property:

Step 1: Find Potential Cleaners

There are many places you can look to find potential cleaners for your vacation rental:

- Check Facebook groups focused on short term rentals in your local area. Often cleaners will advertise their services in these groups.

- Websites like,,, and allow you to search for local cleaners, read reviews and request quotes.

- Do a Google search for "cleaning services near me" or "short term rental cleaners near me" to find options.

- Ask other short term rental owners in your area for referrals to cleaners they use and trust.

Step 2: Interview Potential Cleaners

Once you've identified several potential cleaner candidates, conduct interviews to learn more about their experience, availability and cleaning services. Important questions to ask include:

- How long have you been cleaning short term rentals? Do you have experience with Airbnbs or VRBOs?

- What is your availability? Are you able to come every 3-4 days to clean between guest stays?

- What cleaning services do you provide? (Cleaning, laundry, restocking supplies, etc).

- What products and equipment do you use?

- Do you background check all cleaners that work for you?

- Can you provide 2-3 references from other short term rental owners you work with?

Step 3: Test Potential Cleaners

Schedule a test cleaning with 1-2 potential cleaners to see their work firsthand. Observe their cleaning process and inspect how thoroughly they clean. Also take note of their professionalism, communication skills and timeliness.

Step 4: Hire Your Cleaner(s)

After completing interviews and test cleanings, hire the 1-2 candidates you feel will do the best job for your property. Clarify the specific cleaning tasks required and agree on a regular cleaning schedule.

Step 5: Add Cleaners to Your Team

Introduce your new cleaners to your property and provide access, keys, parking information, etc. Show them where cleaning supplies are kept. Provide instructions on your cleaning preferences for the property. Make sure you have their contact information, so you can reach them if needed between visits.

Step 6: Reward and Motivate Your Cleaners

Pay your cleaning crew a fair wage and provide bonuses or small gifts around the holidays to show your appreciation. Leaving positive reviews and testimonials online is another great way to support their business. Maintaining open communication and addressing any issues quickly also keeps cleaners happy and motivated to do their best work every cleaning.

Following these steps will help you find and hire reliable, quality cleaners to keep your short term rental looking pristine. With a great cleaning crew on your team, you can ensure a 5-star stay for every guest.

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