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open iconWhat data do I get access to in the tool if I subscribe?
We give you access to EVERYTHING with one subscription. That’s right. You have access to the revenue, occupancy, average daily rates (adr), property values, destination types, individual property revenue metrics and their listing links, and estimated Return On Investments of almost 11,000 cities/markets! You can compare and contrast current markets based on your personal investment strategies and budget so you can locate the top markets with the best ROI.
close iconWhere does the data come from?
We source our revenue, occupancy rates, and average daily rates from Airbnb and VRBO. We source our house valuation data from taking the addresses of active short term rentals in every market and using a 3rd party resource to provide property values as of today for each property. The revenue and occupancy data are updated weekly and the property values monthly.
close iconWhat defines a "reliable listing" on STRProfitMap?
A reliable listing is an STR with at least a year of operation, consistent reviews, and regular bookings. We select these properties to ensure the data reflects a proven track record of performance and accurate revenue potential.
close iconWhy does STR Profit Map only aggregate reliable listings?
To ensure our users make the most informed and effective investment decisions. By filtering out unreliable data, we reduce noise and uncertainty, presenting a clear, trustworthy picture of the market's potential. This approach is what we use own investments and helps our users identify viable investment opportunities with greater confidence.
close iconIs there a free trial or demo I can access?
Yes! At the top of the page, select the 'Free Trial' link and you'll be able to see what our tool looks like and how it can help you. You will have access to state dashboard comparing different markets for free! Full access to city detailed analytics requires the premium subscription.
close iconI don’t see my city/town/neighborhood. Do you not have it?
Potentially. I know that’s not the answer you are specifically looking for but remember, we are mapping markets based on where Airbnb and VRBO identifies them and not by physical addresses. This means that there is a high chance that the city/town/neighborhood you are searching for will be listed under a nearby city or town. Check nearby areas to see if your target area is covered. If it isn’t please contact and we’ll quickly investigate.
close iconWhat does the revenue percentile mean?
The revenue percentile metric is based on how well properties perform given the revenue range. You can toggle between percentiles on a market, bedroom count, or individual property level. When you toggle those percentiles, we either average or show the data from properties in that revenue percentile and above.
P25: Bottom 25%
P50: Median
P75: Top 25%
P90: Top 10%
close iconCan I cancel or pause my subscription?
Whether you bought a property or are no longer interested in investing in short term rentals, we get it. You can cancel your membership at any time without it auto-renewing. Go to Manage Subscription in the menu to the top of the dashboard and you’ll be able to change your subscription.

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